African Mango Scam

September 13th, 2011

African Mango Scam
Maybe you bought a stockpile of hoodia or ephedra-based diet pills and now you are left with ineffective, potentially dangerous products.

If that has made you skeptical of African Mango, you are not the only one. Before you spend your time and money on a useless product, yet again, read on to find out what African Mango is and if it actually works.

What Is African Mango?

African Mango, also known an Irvingia Gabonensis, is made from the nut of the African Mango fruit, which has been ground up and used for centuries as a food thickener and appetite suppressant for hunters on long journeys.

Found in African and Southeast Asia, African Mango has been extensively studied over the past 20 years, but only recently have clinical studies attempted to link it to effective weight loss.

Does African Mango Work?

African Mango has been clinically proven to help subjects lose fat – particularly belly fat – and began working immediately to suppress their appetites and reduce their calorie intake.

African Mango has also been clinically proven to lower levels of leptin, which reduces fat stores and ensures that the weight you are losing is fat, rather than water weight or muscle mass.

Because it is a completely natural ingredient, there are no reported side-effects associated with taken the recommended dosage of African Mango.

The Down-Side?

African Mango does not detoxify or cleanse the body. We have seen many products that claim to be able to give you these kinds of results, but no studies have associated African Mango with these kinds of effects. A cleansing agent is something you should look for in a weight loss supplement, because you might be carrying excess weight and toxic waste in your colon.

To learn more about what African Mango can and cannot do for you, we would recommend visiting It contains research, articles, and clinical studies. Before you invest in an African Mango supplement, be informed about what you are getting.


African Mango Scam
African Mango is not a scam. It is actually capable of weight loss results. Many companies sell different combinations of African Mango and other diet ingredients, but surprisingly, many of these do not contain high enough concentrations of African Mango to be effective.

Our favorite African Mango weight loss supplement is a product called IrvingiAppress. Unlike other products, Irvingiappress has 1000 mg per serving of African Mango. It also contains 500 mg of Green Tea extract, which will add that cleansing element that Irvingia Garbonesis lacks.