Causes and Cures for Dark Circles

August 17th, 2011

Blemishes under the eyes can be an annoying skin problem. Constant worry about what others are seeing and thinking when they look at your face is a constant distraction. Staying up too late, suffering from allergies, or plain old heredity determines how noticeable those dark circles get.

Understanding the Ugly Bruises

These dark blemishes could be a sign something slightly more serious is the problem. Nutritional deficiencies play a huge role in the skin and especially in how dark circles under the eyes are.

Often described as “bruise-like,” dark circles are just that: bruises. A bruise, as in a dark area of the skin, is usually some form of a dark purple or yellow, and is caused by blood vessels leaking blood underneath the skin. Because blood usually collects where there is no broken skin, it gathers there and creates the darker colored areas.

Underneath the exceptionally delicate skin of our eyes, we have dozens of tiny capillaries that can’t always hold all the red blood cells traveling through them. It’s very common for many of these red blood cells to leak out of the capillaries—which creates the bruised look. This happens all throughout our bodies, but because the skin around our eyes is so soft and thin, it’s much more noticeable.

Fix the Problem

Don’t get discouraged, though. There are many things that will help your body improve the skin, and reduce the leakage of red blood cells.

Whether in a supplement form, eye cream form, or in the form of natural food sources (highly recommended), you can help your body make these blemishes barely noticeable, if not gone. Here are some recommendations to get rid of your dark circles:

Drink Water. Dehydration makes dark circles appear much worse. Not getting enough water for your body increases the amount of toxins building up in your body as your body isn’t getting enough water to flush them out. This toxin build-up increases blood pooling and makes the dark circles worse.

Take Vitamins. Many times circles under the eyes are caused by not getting the right nutrients. Adding vitamins to your diet helps your get what it needs to stay healthy and reduce the look of under eye bruises. Vitamin K is a huge help to reduce the looks of these dark circles as it helps your blood clot and improves its movement through your blood vessels. Vitamin C is also essential to help your dark circles go away because it improves collagen production and helps your skin protect itself against sun damage.

Get the Right Amount of Iron. With the right amounts of iron in the body, it helps your blood pump better to make sure all the tissues and parts of your body are oxygenated properly. If you’re deficient on iron, it increases the dark circles under your eyes and makes the blood pooling worse. Try adding foods rich in iron to decrease the excess pooling of blood.

Use Topical Aids. Applying different therapies directly to your skin adds the nutrients right where they need to go. Creams with vitamins in them help (but make sure you’re still adding them to your diet), and so does placing tea bags over the eyes, or resting with slices of cucumbers placed on top of the circles.

More Options

VeralyzeAdding the proper nutrients to your body will not only help get rid of dark circles, but will improve many of your body’s ailments. If you want to drastically reduce the looks of these dark blemishes try natural treatments, and add an eye cream to really improve the look of your skin. This will be a great dark circles under eyes treatment and will help you to reduce these dark bruises from the outside, and the inside.

One of the best creams we’d recommend is Veralyze. With Veralyze you get a natural treatment for your eyes that not only reduces the dark circles, but helps to get rid of wrinkles and crow’s feet, and helps prevent future wrinkles from forming.