How to get rid of dark circles

August 26th, 2009

People can always tell if I haven’t had enough sleep. I have terrible dark circles under my eyes. They look like caverns, dark and depressing.

The truth is, even if I do get enough sleep, I still get dark circles sometimes. I never understood why. I asked my mother years ago and she said that it must be hereditary, because she gets them, too.

There may be some truth in that. However, dark circles are really the result of leaky capillaries in the eye area.

Leaky capillaries are very common, but usually we don’t notice them in other areas of the body.  Because the skin is paper thin around the eyes, it is much easier to see the result of those leaky capillaries.

We tend to rub our eyes, especially if they are itchy or tired. This can cause dark circles by breaking the capillaries. Sometimes when our eyes itch, it is the result of allergies. So in a way, allergies might be causing the dark circles.

If you do have allergies and you also have dark circles, then treating the allergies might help. If you’re no longer rubbing itchy, watery eyes, then the dark circles might diminish.

There are old-fashioned home remedies that may work. Cucumber slices or dampened tea bags over the eyes might provide some relief from inflammation and irritation.

Creams with ingredients designed to moisturize and firm the skin around the eyes might help.

Finally, if all else fails, use a good concealer. They’ve helped many women who have a few things to cover up.