How to Prevent Dark Circles: Causes and Cures


Happy living is the secret that will keep us healthy and fit all through the life time. Stress, strain and pressure will lead to many health issues that have to be managed at the instigation. Foremost change in the body due to the stress is the dark circles in our face and this happens in both male and female. There are loads of explanation and finding for the dark circles, like hereditary, allergies or meager less sleep. But each one will have their own cause for the formation of the dark circles.

Antidote to deal with dark circle

In today’s world medication is at hand for any health issues, just we need to find the accurate remedy to get it corrected. How to prevent dark circles, aging is also a marker by formation of the dark circles too much of revelation to the sun many also cause the same. Ample creams and moisturizers are spread out in the market for us to try. If these creams do not perform wonders then you can go for therapy, skin resurfacing method or get with injectable fillers. But before picking medical treatment, you can opt for home remedies that work magic on regular usage .Many saloons offer light medication and healing with creams that will not have side effects but should be given time to show the results. Applying creams and massaging them makes the skin refreshed and removes the dark patches slowly. Treatment which gives the result very early is considered as not a good solution, because the circles may come up again. Slow and processed treatment will give a lifetime solutions.

Avert than treating dark circle

Early detection of the problem and remedies taken on time will avert the problems. Less quantity of sleep may be the simple cause, too much of makeover with cosmetics, wide open to the ultra violet rays are some simple causes. Sleeping posture may also cause dark circles, you need to lift up your head while sleeping to avoid the fluids from draining near the eyes. Nose decongestion squirt or saline can prevent such formation. Often rubbing under the eyes can also elevate the darkness.

If it is a hereditary problem then a mild face lift or cheek lift can been done to overcome these dark circles. Eyelid surgery is another effective way. Fat transfer or fat injections are also permanent solutions to these circles. Thinning the skin below the eye with hyaluronic acid is generally advised by specialist. Laser analysis and chemical peel is done mutually if pigmentation problem is there. Diverse of treatments are given to get rid of these circle problem. But proper consultation should be taken before preceding any medical treatment. Negligible changes in the life style can also help in reducing the dark circles. Food also acts a vital role in toning the skin. Proper diet with all the vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and green vegetables should be propagated.

Simple remedies should be tried out before going in for any surgery or therapy How to prevent dark circles is answerable as natural treatment will not have any side effects when compared to medical treatment. But hereditary problems can only be resolved with medical treatment.