Poor Nutrition May Be Cause of Dark Under Eye Circles

October 14th, 2011

At first glance it may seem like diet and dark under eye circles have nothing to do with each other, however, you may be surprised that there are links between your diet and the appearance of these dark circles.

Diet and Dark CirclesYour diet doesn’t have to be over-the-top or excessively hard to accomplish in order for you to lose weight and dramatically reduce dark under eye circles.

What Causes Under Eye Circles?

There are many contributors of dark under eye circles. Everything from seasonal allergies to genetics can be blamed for this build up of blood vessels under the eyes. However, the two causes we would like to address are underlying diet related diseases and health and nutrition.

First, underlying diet related diseases. Gluten intolerance, or the allergy to wheat flour, may be a cause of dark under eye circles. Celiac Disease, which is a more serious form of gluten intolerance may also be an underlying cause.

If you suspect you may have a gluten intolerance you should see your doctor to get tested. Remember you can be gluten intolerant without having Celiac Disease.

Second, lifestyle factors, including poor nutrition. Poor nutrition can consist of many different things, but most are relatively easy to remedy. Some of the dietary choices that most commonly affect the appearance of dark under eye circles are:Diet and Under Eye Circles

- Poor Nutrition Choices
- Excess Alcohol Consumption
- Too Many Caffeinated Drinks
- Cigarettes
- Lack of Exercise

Healthy Alternatives

Lucky for you there are plenty of healthy alternatives that can help to break your bad dietary habits. Your diet should be balanced with adequate amounts of Vitamin K and B12 along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. It is also essential to drink enough water.

You should determine your own balanced diet with the help of your doctor or nutritionist and they can often work with the foods you enjoy eating.

Where Can I Find Vitamin K and B12?

It is easy for us to say eat more foods with Vitamin K and B12, but you may not know which foods contain these essential vitamins. Vitamin K, a powerful antioxidant can be found in many leafy greens (spinach and cabbage), cauliflower and liver.

Vitamin B12 on the other hand is found in animal products including fish, milk, milk products, eggs, meat, and poultry. Many fortified breakfast cereals provide another great source of B12.


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