What Are Human Growth Hormones?

October 13th, 2011

what are human growth hormonesAt the mention of HGH, most people tend to think of Stallone-like muscles bulging out of wrestling singlets.

However, what most people tend to misunderstand is the vital role that human growth hormone plays in everyone’s body – Sylvester Stallone, or your average Joe.

HGH’s Role within the Body

Whether most people realize it or not, HGH is produced naturally in every person’s body, and it vital to not only growth, but recovery and maintenance of health.

Not only is HGH responsible for the growth spurts you get as a child, but human growth hormone remains an essential hormone even after you’re done growing out of your jeans.

Human growth hormone is responsible for synthesizing protein for the growth and repair of tissues like muscle and cartilage. This is why HGH has been found to be so beneficial for those with joint pain because it can help repair joint injuries and relieve chronic pain.

HGH can also maintain health as well as rebuild. This hormone is vital for the storing of calcium and the mineralization of the bone. This means that without HGH your bones would quickly fall into disrepair and become sapped of nutrients.

Are HGH Supplements Legal?

Although HGH injections scandals have been published in the media, the use of HGH releasers is perfectly safe and legal.

These supplements, instead of pumping your body full of synthetic hormones, work with your body to increase your natural production of HGH.

Do You Need HGH Supplements?

Since our body produces human growth hormone naturally, it can seem redundant to take a supplement that helps you make more.

However, as we age, our body naturally produces less and less of the essential hormone, leaving us with the feeling that our body is slowing down.

Not only is this lag in HGH responsible for our muscles atrophying, but it is also to blame for our bones becoming more brittle and porous, and our joints becoming more and more painful.

What Are the Best Supplements?

secratatropin hghWe’ve found that the most effective HGH supplements include all natural ingredients that safely increase your body’s ability to produce more human growth hormone.

One of the best supplements we’ve seen on the market is Secratatropin HGH. Not only has it been clinically proven to promote the production of HGH, it has many happy customers that swear by its efficacy.

If you’ve ever been interested in what HGH can do for you, try a supplement for yourself to see how it can improve your life.