What is a Hormone?

September 13th, 2011

What is a Hormone?

Chemical Activity

We often use the word “hormone” freely without fully understanding what constitutes a hormone. When we have a mood swing, or feel depressed, we often figure that our hormones are just out of balance. When we see a boisterous and high-energy young boy, we just figure that his testosterone levels are high.

So what specifically, are these hormones that make us act unusual and out-of-character?

Most definitions of a hormone vary slightly depending on wording and how in-depth a definition goes. But in general, most definitions will list a hormone as:

Something that is chemically produced and secreted from one organ or part of the body and carried in the blood stream to another location of the body where it then performs some sort of effect on that body part.

If you want to take a quick look at a full definition, here is the definition that WebMD has posted.

The Basics

Categorizations of hormones vary depending on who you ask. But for the most part, there are about 10 basic hormones (or more depending on who you ask) and a slew of secondary hormones as well, found in our bodies. Each hormone is unique and carries out a very specific function to help our body stay upright from day-to-day.

That said, there are a few basic functions that hormones perform, including:

•The regulation and advancement of sexual, mental, and physical development in a body.

•The promotion of performance levels by organs and organ systems.

•The ability to constantly maintain physiological parameters(i.e, blood sugar levels).

Some may argue that hormones have more basic functions than those listed above. But without getting to nit-picky, you can essentially go down the list of hormones found in the human body and categorize them into one (or perhaps two) of these three functions.

Most popular

There are many obscure hormones that most people have never heard of before. As for the most “popular” ones, here’s a quick rundown of what they are named and their functions:

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – HGH is the hormone that stimulates bone and tendon growth. It basically is the hormone needed in order to help a child develop into an adult physically. At later stages of life, HGH can also help to increase energy, stamina, and physical levels in a body.

Testosterone – This is the main sex hormone for the male body that helps with the development and maintenance of sexual functions in males. An increase in testosterone can enhance muscle, strength, and energy growth at almost any age.

Estrogen – Estrogen is the main sex hormone for the female body that causes puberty, menstrual cycles, and helps to prepare the uterus for conception.

Insulin – This hormone helps to regulate a body’s blood sugar level and is created in the pancreas

Aldesterone – This hormone is the one that handles all the functions which take place in our kidneys.

Hormone Enhancement

These days, there are many diet pills and supplements available which are designed to enhance a specific hormone in the body. This is either done through ingredients that stimulate more secretion and production of a certain hormone or by artificially creating a hormone for use by the body.

Perhaps some of the most common hormonal diet pills taken today are HGH pills. Used to enhance muscle gain and overall physical health, there are plenty of HGH-enhancing options available on the market.

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